Ltd. Nafta LV wholesale assortment provides for all most commonly used kinds of fuel.

95 and 98 brands of gasoline are the high octane gasoline with a wide range of applications for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Please note that under the EU rules on the use of renewable sources of energy, there is 5% bioethanol added to fuel in Latvia.

There are two types of low sulphur diesel sold in Latvia, depending on the season. During the winter season we offer Arctic (A0;A1;A2) diesel without bioethanol additives.

The breakdown by classes of diesel:

Summer diesel Arctic climate class diesel
Climatic category C D E F A0 A1 A2



-10 -16 -22
Filterability -5 -10 -15 -20 -20 -26 -32

During the summer we offer a summer diesel fuel.There are 5% biodiesel added in accordance with the EU rules on the use of renewable energy resources.

Marked diesel fuel for farmers.
It intends to use in agricultural machinery.

In process of marking fuel is marked in green, it doesn’ t impact a quality of fuel.

For usage of marked fuel in Latvia, there is a quota system. Depending on managed area and type of agricultural production, The Rural Support Service manages and gives quotas.

Advantage – reduced rate of excise tax to 0.05 EUR per liter.

Marked diesel fuel for heating.
Marked diesel is widely used and its advantage is the reduced excise duty rate, which enables you to purchase it significantly cheaper.

Marked diesel can be used for the operation of heating equipment in private homes, several factories, grain dryers, stationary electrical generators,and as well in marine bunkering.

To purchase marked diesel requesting the certificate for the right to purchase labeled (marked) mineral oils, issued by the State Revenue Service.

It is marked in red, that doesn’ t impact a quality of fuel.